Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Open Letter to Dr. Pepper

Dear Dr. Pepper
Please allow me to first say how much I adore your product! I absolutely love Dr. Pepper (the original kind)! I enjoy taking that first sip with my eyes closed just to taste the 23 flavors (even though I have no idea what they all are). I like to keep Dr. Pepper in the office refrigerator for the 2-3:00 slump when I need a little boost to get through the rest of the day. Oh, it's irresistible.

Now, I love the convenience of the bottle. I like being able to put the lid back on so no to lose flavor. I enjoy having a bottle in the car just case I am an idiot and drop my soda while driving (it's happened, more than once). But, I must say, the current bottle shape you are using just plain sucks. Yep, it does.

The current bottle is too wide and allows air to cover too much surface of the drink, thus, making it go flat in less than 20 minutes. No joke, I will open one up on my way to work (on the weekends of course) and by the time I have driven 30 miles, even with the lid securely on, my soda is flat by the time I get to work. Then, it doesn't taste right and I have to waste it. Totally, not enjoyable.

Please, Dr. Pepper, please go back to the old bottle style. The one you had a few years ago. This one:

You would not believe the difference the bottle shape will make. Trust me, it would be the best thing you could do right now. Dr. Pepper lovers, like myself, would gratefully enjoy the old bottle style, just so that last sip is just as great as the first.

PS--your website is so cool!


A faithful Dr. Pepper lover for 19 years.


Lin said...

ha ha...I love Dr. Pepper! My husband & I are total Dr. Pepper junkies & have to agree with you. It does go flat a lot quicker now :(

Beth Dunn said...

I hate when you are 100% happy with something and they change it. xoxo