Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Keeps Going...

Hi Readers!
I know that in a couple of months, I will be begging for work to be busier, but right now, I don't like it much. Things are so crazy right now and I am so busy. Although I work my ass off all day, I know I am not getting much done. Example: I have a fundraiser scheduled to happen in about 2 weeks and right not is looks like it will be cancelled. (I cannot even express right now how FRUSTRATED I am about this).

I am so ready for things to slow down because I feel like I can't enjoy myself because things are so crazy. I guess the only way to get through it is to buckle down and get my nose to the grindstone. *sigh*

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The Pink Chick said...

I totally know what you mean about being very busy but not getting much accomplished. It is so frustrating! It happens in my job a lot. I hope things slow down for you soon! Until then, sending happy thoughts your way!!