Friday, September 11, 2009


On a happier note today, I realized yesterday that I have been reading my favorite comic for 20 years! That's crazy!

I have been following Garfield for a really long time. I read the daily comic every day. Even if I miss a day, I go back in the archives and read what I missed. I love the Garfield Holiday shows and used to watch the cartoon every Saturday morning. I also used to own books of the comic strip and special Garfield stories. I'm telling you, I love Garfield (don't judge me).

The first comic: June 19, 1978

It is so weird to be reading the comic and seeing how much it has progressed from the beginning. If you remember, Jon Arbuckle is a goofball who has bad luck with women. He now has a girlfriend, Liz, the veterinarian who used to hate him. They have been dating for over a year too! It's strange I tell you, but super funny.

Today's Comic: Sept. 11, 2009

I love the Garfield comics (the movies were bad), and I can't wait to see what's next. If you are bored one day, check out the website and go to Games. Then, play the Scary Scavenger Hunt game. It is fun!

Happy Friday! (PS, I have to work this weekend, go figure, huh?)

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The Pink Chick said...

Wow! Jon has really changed. I was unaware he had a girlfriend. I used to love Garfield. I haven't read it in a while. I think I need to start again. I could use more comics in my life!