Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crinkle, Rustle, Crunch

Well, here is the Midwest, signs of fall are everywhere! I was walking through the grass at work and some leaves have already started to fall. I love the sound the leaves make when you walk through them. As a child, I would always rake up the leaves in piles and then run through them and kick the up! It was so much fun!

On my way to work today (after an exhausting trip to WalMart), I stopped at Starbucks and got a Pumpkin Spice Latte! YUM!! I also got one of their croissants, and oh, my, goodness! It was sooo good!

At WalMart, I bought an Apple Spice candle for the office and it smells incredible. When this candle runs out, I already know what the next one will be, Autumn Berry. Delicious!

The leaves on the trees are starting to change and that gets me excited for the fall weddings this year. Last year, the weather was so weird and the leaves didn't change until way into October.

I also went to Michael's the other day and got some fall decorations for my table at an upcoming bridal show. I am so excited. I saw all of the Halloween decorations out and I fell in love! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Ooh, I can't wait!

Coming with fall also, is none other than FOOTBALL SEASON! I love football! Too bad I won't get a chance to go to a game this year at my Alma mater (MIZZOU), but I will still get to watch it on television and dress accordingly. My mother works on campus and she has already told me that they have MIZZOU shirts for the dogs. Oh, yeah, definitely going to have to get some of those.

I took the dogs for a walk yesterday and the smells of fall where in the air! Oh! I love this season and can't wait for sweater weather!

Happy Thursday!


Gwen said...

I am so ready for fall too!!! And it's funny that you mention the candles. I finally finsihed burning my Mango Peach Salsa Yankee candle and I'm burning my summer cocktail sets as fast as possible. I need some fall type smells as fast as possible. :) XOXO

Mrs. S. said...

I do love fall! You should check out the new Bath and Body Works scents for fall! My roomie works there and I have got a good stock of them that I love!!