Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday readers! I know, it's strange to think that Monday's are happy, but today is a beautiful day...despite the fact that I still feel weird.

Anyway, on with the fabulous weekend recap...

Friday: Never should have visited Esty. I am now mildly obsessed with the website and I want to open my own "store". I can be a pretty crafty person sometimes. Friday night, I relaxed and enjoyed the evening with Isabelle. (Annie went floating with Mom and Dad) We watched Mamma Mia! that night while I enjoyed a bottle couple of glasses of wine.

Saturday: I opened up all the windows in the house and turned off the air. It was so nice to let fresh air blow through the house. We had such gorgeous weather this weekend. Very mild for August in Missouri. I decided to take my Grandma out for a late lunch at work and did a surprise observation of the staff while I was there. That went really well. I learned that a couple of my cousins are turning 16 this year. It makes me feel old. Isabelle even went along for the ride. It was her birthday too! Isabelle is now 3 years old! She got a cool pink hoodie and two new toys that she loves! We played fetch I think for a total of 12 hours this weekend. That evening, we watched Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie of all time and Beauty and the Beast is my second favorite. My dog was named after Belle.

Sunday: Keeping with the Disney marathon, Isabelle and I watched Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. It was so fun to bring back memories of my childhood with these movies. I made cupcakes and just enjoyed my day. Annie came back from the float trip a very smelly dog, so I had to give her a bath, along with Isabelle. Then, we had a late event at work last night, so I needed to make sure that everything was set and ready to go, so I took Isabelle with me to work (Annie stayed home and slept since she didn't sleep at all over the weekend). Isabelle rides in my car directly under my driver's seat. How she gets down there, I don't know, but when I got her out, she got to meet some new people and everyone thought she was a cool dog! BB even called her a "Pretty Girl". I think that's kind of cool since "Pretty Girl" is my nickname for her.

Now, I am back at work anticipating the exciting fall season. You see, school started today and all the students are back. That means a lot of sororities and fraternities will be having a lot of parties this fall. Yippee! Even though I can't stand those groups, no offense to anyone who is part of them. At these parties, they lose all sense of self control, although, they do spend a lot of money.

Have a good week!


Mama Kat said...

I'm REALLY looking forward to little one is starting Kindergarten and she is more than ready!

I have a sudden urge to eat cupcakes and watch Aladdin now...thanks for that! ;)

Mrs. S. said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love weekends that are super relaxed like that. I know that I could use one of those soon. It has been super crazy and busy every weekend lately.

Have a great week!

Gwen said...

I loved the weather this weekend!!! It was perfect and I totally enjoyed Cinderella too. I can't pick which princess movie I like best because they are all fabulous!!! I'm glad you enjoyed a lunch with your Grandma. I need to call mine for a lunch date soon. XOXO