Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Know I am Overweight, Stop Telling Me!

We have a brand new air conditioner sitting in the window of the office and I must say, it works FABULOUSLY! I have actually gotten a little cool sitting at my desk. I am so happy to have that now.

Okay, on to cooler things. It's one hour from closing time and it can't come any faster! We had a day long event yesterday for over 200 people that was outside and I am so tired from that, I just want to go back to bed. I was ready for bed at 8 pm last night. I FORCED myself to stay awake because I knew I wouldn't sleep if I didn't.

I am still going to to gym tonight though. I have been once this week and will make it at least 2-3 times every week from here on out. I haven't been in the last 3 weeks because of the car thing and my birthday. But I am ready to go all out! By the way, I have had two people from work tell me (subliminally) that I was overweight. Then, my mom sends me shit on Weight Watchers and something on Yoga/Meditation and Dieting. Yeah, that sucks.

I have a lot of phone calls to make right now, but I am just too tired to make them. *yawn* I did sell some items on eBay today, so I am pretty excited about that.

Happy Thursday!


Lin said...

It's so great that you're sticking with your work out plan! I've been saying I have to go to the gym for over 3 months now & have yet to step foot in there. Sucks.

I think it might be time to get serious about working out though, my dad asked me the other day if I was pregnant. I wanted to cry (fyi: I'm not).

Ashley said...

Ugh... don't you just hate that.

My mom called me last week just to tell me how fat I've been getting.

Gee, thanks.

AG said...

A working air conditioner is a very happy thing!

Gwen said...

Girl I'm with you on the gym. I'm going at least 4-5 times per week and the the off days we're walking/biking. And...why is it that when we are feeling our worst people want to kick us more. My Grandma is the one that made the comment that really kicked my butt into gear. Family can be cruel sometimes. I'm sending good thoughts your way!!! XOXO