Friday, August 7, 2009


Isabelle--please do not bark like an insane dog at 7:30 in the morning. Ever.

Mom--If I wanted Dad's name on the title of my car, I would have put it there to begin with. And I have not owned my car for 2 weeks yet, only 10 days. I have plenty of time to pay the taxes on it, which I planned to take care of before Monday. Thanks for your concern.

Stupid Drivers--Use your F*ING blinker! Oh, and do the F*ING speed limit! If you can't comfortably drive 55 mph, you should not be driving.

Guy parked on the side of the exit ramp--If you see that my blinker says I will be turning right and I am coming at you at about...45 mph, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pull out right in front of me (when I am less than 5 feet from you). JERK!

Yellow Trucker--Do not try to push me out of the lane and blow your stupid horn when you see there is no other place for me to go. (see comment on stupid drivers)

HR Guy--Thanks for letting me be the one to have to tell the guy that we have to keep his last paycheck because of a mistake. Isn't that what the person in charge of payroll should do?
It's best if I just go home...but wait, I'm the only person in the F*ING office this morning! AAARRRGGGGG!

Happy Friday everyone.


Gwen said...

I feel ya!!! It's been one of those days!!! And to top it off I'm starving to death. LOL!!! It's almost quitting time then I suggest a beer or wine depending on your preference. I might be doing straight vodka shots all night. XOXO

Lin said...

I totally know what you're going through. I had an awful week. I've decided to stay at home this weekend because it seems like every time I exit the house there's a line of ppl waiting to piss me off.

Hope it gets better for you :)

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Virtually passing you a LARGE glass of wine