Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surprise Anniversary

Last night, I had scheduled a meeting with my friend/recruiter/team leader to pick up a product for one of my customers. We met at Panera Bread and came to a realization.

Exactly 5 years ago (to the day yesterday), I sat with her in the exact spot, on the exact same side of the table, and signed my Mary Kay Consultant Agreement. I fell in love with the Mary Kay company, it's products, and the people and signed right then and there.

My official starting date with the company was July 7, 2004, and I received my 5 Year Pin in the mail last week. I take all this as a sign that things are going to get better because I have been really down lately about my business and have decided to make a lot of changes to succeed.

I have been with the company for 5 years and do not plan to leave at all. I want to do this full time, and I will. I will be a National Sales Director, living the life I truly believe I deserve, and loving every minute of my job where I get to make women feel better about themselves every single time. I get to decide when I work, how long I work, how much money I make, when I want to promote myself, who I want to work with, and get to be my own boss.

It truly is an amazing company with incredible products. So, here's to 5 years and many more!


Gwen said...

You Go Girl!!!! I know you can do it!!!! XOXO

Mrs. S. said...

Congrats on the 5 years!

mylittlebecky said...

wow, congrats! :)

Lin said...


My mother in law is a consultant & I love the products. She gave me the large compact filled with all newest colors for by birthday. I loved it!

Mary Kay is the only kind of make up I use now.