Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fitness Assessment

I once mentioned that I had a fitness assessment done at the gym I joined a few weeks ago. This assessment consisted of 5 tests.

Special Crunches
Wide Push Ups
Stair Step Cardio
Sit and Reach
Fat Pinch

The crunches weren't too bad. I did pretty good. The key was to do these until you couldn't do any more. I ended up doing 41 crunches.

The wide push ups were a little difficult because I have very little upper body strength. I was able to do the push ups on my knees. I ended up doing between 14 and 17 push ups. I can't quite remember the number.

The stair step cardio was to measure my heart rate. I had to do the stair step for 3 minutes. That's not a long time, but when the step is almost as high at your knee, it gets a little tough. That was such a high step for my short legs and I was tired by the time I was done with that.

The sit and reach was just like when you were in school. I reached 21 inches. Too bad I couldn't stretch first. :)

The Fat Pinch (I don't know that accurate name for it) was the worst. The trainer had to pinch the fat on my arm, my leg, and my belly. When he got to my belly, I started laughing really hard because I am extremely tickleish. He laughed at me.

So, finally, it was time for the results. The idea was to have each of the bar graphs (one for each test) to be at your age or below. I had 3 that were. The ones I needed to work on were my fat pinch...duh...and my cardio conditioning...duh again. It wasn't too bad until the computer gave me my "physiological age".

It said I was 32 years old! I know that 30 isn't old, but when you are only 25, that seems hits the ego a little.

All and all, I will improve and take the assessment again. I am supposed to do it every two months. Wish me luck!


JennyMac said...

Do not EVEN fret...the fat pinch sucks for everyone and people think I am 1o years younger than I am. Fat pinch is WRETCHED. And I doubt you are 'physically' 10 years older than you actually are...its a sales ploy.

Lin said...

Good luck :)

Gwen said...

I've never had the fat pinch done because I'm terrified of what it will say. I'm working my butt off right now trying to lose. So far it doesn't seem to be working. Right now I'm doing WW & workouts (or walks) everday. If this doesn't work I don't know what will. Good luck Girl!!! Let us know your progress!! XOXO