Tuesday, July 14, 2009

20 Times a Lady

I recently finished the book: 20 Times a Lady, by Karyn Bosnak. The book stars Delilah Darling who learns that she has slept with 20 men, which was her limit she set before she would settle down. She decides to track down all of her old boyfriends with the help of her hottie neighbor to see if she can make it work with any of them. This way, her number won't increase. She ends up journeying all over the country locating these men with hilarious mishaps all the while.

This book was a great summer read! It was so light and easy, I just really enjoyed reading it. There were many characters throughout the book that were so funny, you can't help but laugh at them.

However, there are some typos in the book. It seems that the grammar check wasn't working, but you can still read the book well. If you want something easy to read and a fun escape, then this book is for you.

"How many times does it take to find true love?"

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Lady Jane said...

I love book recommendations...keep them coming!