Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Friday: Left work almost on time. Spent time with my mom for her birthday at the annual festival in town. Had a good time listening to the music.

Saturday: Cleaned the house, ran to the pharmacy looking like pure crap, cleaned up and went to work for a meeting that was supposed to be about 45 minutes and lasted for 2 FULL HOURS! It's a good thing the staff was nice to my dad and accomodating, he and I were supposed to spend the day together at the festival at work. Came home and took an impromptu nap, woke up and went to hang out with Mrs. P. We had a nice time watching people ride rides from her porch and catching up on things. She is feeling a little down right now and I think a girl's night is in order!

Sunday: Went back to the festival in town and had a caricature done (an old friend does them) and end up with a picture that makes me look really fat in the face with a huge nose (usually I look good), but at least my boobs looked nice. :) I got to catch up a little with my friend and he may even invite me to a party in his city soon. Yippee!

Sunday evening: Threw a party for my staff at a local Mexican restaurant and had a good time there. Pina Colada's are delicious (but watch out if you have started taking Zyrtec).

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