Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Watch Out For That...Fence

Sunday, my dad and I went on a wonderful bike ride. We rode about 30 miles total that day. It was s nice day, temperature in the 80s, sun shining, a nice breeze. We had a great time. I had never been on this particular part of the trail before (he chose where to start) and I really didn't like it much. There were some rough spots and a few little hills and worst of all, all but 3 miles was in the direct sunlight! It got so hot and I have a stupid farmer's tan and the raccoon look from my sunglasses.

We rode to a town to have lunch and there was a HUGE bridge we had to go over. I had to get off and walk up half of it because of the incline. It was at the end of the journey to lunch and I was beat. We had a great lunch at a tiny little cafe. We made it just in time too, because the cafe closed at 2 pm (which is right when we walked in) and 3 people came in after us and were turned away.

The ride back was much easier. Although, my dad has this thing that he has to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Anytime I would try to stop and stretch or rest, we could only stop for no more than 2 minutes. That part was kind of frustrating. I also had to hear all about how he "was in shape" and yada yada.

Anyway, on the way back we were crossing a little bridge about 4 miles from the end of our ride. This bridge was wooden and was only about 15 feet long, about 10 feet wide. The creek it was over was only about 5 feet across. Well, I was watching the water and not paying attention to were I was going and ran right into the fence railing!

Yep, I did. I looked up too late and saw the fence and decided to just drop the bike and let myself run into the fence because there was just no avoiding it. My dad was ahead of me and only heard the accident, no one saw me (thank goodness because it was really embarrassing). He thought I was hurt and when he realized I was fine, he laughed at me and made fun of me the whole way home. It was really funny because we had just been discussing people wearing helmets on this trail and wondering just how much they would hurt themselves if they fell. (This trail is very nice and well kept.)

I have a nice scrape on my arm that is about 2.5 inches long. Thankfully it didn't bleed. That is the only injury I got, besides a bruised ego. I am telling you, it was so funny, I have to laugh at myself because I am the most accident proned person I know.

Happy Tuesday!

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Gwen said...

Okay...I know it's not funny but running into things is something I'm good at. I actually backed into the low shelf at a gas station this past weekend and the huge knot and bruise on the back of my leg remind me every day of it. I'm glad you didn't get hurt and that you had such a wonderful ride with your Dad!!! XOXO