Monday, June 22, 2009


The bride on Saturday had Betas has her centerpieces. She only needed 20 and wanted all males. The company sent her 21 and one of them was a female, so she gave her to me.

I am now the proud owner of a female beta named, Gloria. I was going to name her after the bride, but decided that Nikki, wasn't a good name for a fish. (It's a great name for a fellow blogger and IRL friend, though!)

Gloria resides on the dining room table in an incredible water filled home...if I do say so myself. The vase is kind of heavy though. I am working on coming up with a better place to put her though.

Meet Gloria:


chrrmom said...

Yes Gloria needs to find a new spot.

Lady Jane said...

Hello Gloria!!!!

AG said...

awww, Gloria is great! I've had two betas before and both lived for about 2 years--they were great. :) And I love the ribbon on her home too.

Gwen said...

Its so great to meet you Gloria!!! XOXO