Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dog Pee in the Morning

Dear Isabelle

It would be so beyond wonderful if you would realize that rain will not hurt you. Yes, I understand that thunder and lightening can be a little scary sometimes, but when it it 7:30 am and you must go outside to potty before I get ready for work, please, just go outside without me having to pull you out from under the bed and then chase you down the hallway where you left a nice little pee trail for me to cleanup.
Thanks, honey. I love you too. Cleaning up dog pee in the hallway at 7:30 in the morning is just exactly what I wanted to do today. It was BARELY raining this morning. We could have avoided this whole mess if you would have just gone outside when I let you and Annie out. Because you were such a coward this morning, you didn't get any breakfast and since you didn't eat, Annie didn't either. When you don't eat, I can't give you your medicine. I know you don't like that either, but you need to take it so the rash goes away and you don't have to wear that stupid cone.

Hopefully my dear, the weather will clear up soon and we can go back to normal, but please, until then, just go outside and pee.


Your agitated but loving owner.


The Pink Chick said...

My dog is bad about peeing inside when it rains. She hates getting her paws wet. It is so frustrating! Sorry you had to deal with that so early in the morning!

Gwen said...

Poor doggy. Baxley doesn't have this problem but I would go crazy if he did. I'm just glad the storms might be done for a while. Too bad we can't breathe outside right now. LOL!!!