Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Cardboard Sign

We have all seen them. You know who I am talking about. It's the guy with the sign on the corner of a busy intersection. The sign that says something about hunger, stranded, will work, you know, that sort of thing.

It absolutely breaks my heart to see these people. I feel terrible that it has gotten so bad for some people. However, you know some of them are scam artists. It's almost impossible to tell nowadays who is legit and who isn't. Years ago, if you saw someone on the corner, you know they really needed the help. Now, you just can't really tell.

What's really sad is that you start to learn their faces, which intersection they prefer, and what times they are going to be there. You even learn what their signs say. (Am I the only one that is too observant? Does anyone else learn these things?)

I have always thought it would be cool to create a shelter that can hold a lot of people, teach them skills to better themselves, and provide them with the necessities of life. The only requirement for coming to shelter is the desire to better yourself. That's all. No scams, no freeloaders. Unfortunately, what I have in mind is something that would cost a ton of money.

I have no other solution for this problem. I still have to see them. I am afraid to help because my "help" may not be wanted and/or wasted (aka--money used for booze).

Okay, enough of the sappy reflection. Happy Thursday!


Gwen said...

Totally know what you mean. I worked downtown many years ago and there was this little old man in a wheelchair that sat outside of Osco every day. A few years after I left that job I read in the paper that he made of $100K a year asking for spare change. SERIOUSLY!!! XOXO

Marissa said...

It makes me sad too :(

Mrs. S. said...

What breaks my heart sometimes more are the pets they drag around that have little water and who knows how much food. After I saw a tv report on how some of these people are scam artists, I have a hard time feeling bad for sad, I agree.