Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Hello Readers!

I have a few posts for today. Let's start with my FABULOUS weekend!

Friday: had a late meeting and booked a rehearsal dinner while watching a storm roll in and then hit us hard! It rained for 12 hours straight. I made it home alright and enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing.

Saturday: I took the weekend off (more to come in another post) but was on edge all day. My mom and I went shopping (yippee!) and I fell in love with these shoes. Oh, My, Gawd! I love them! I normally wouldn't even consider then for myself, but I tried them on and fell in love. However, I bought a dress (that has to be altered) instead. I have been thinking about those shoes ever since. I will get them! Then, we got pedicures. That was nice. I haven't had one of those since August and the massage felt so good. My toe nails are now a sapphire blue!

Saturday evening, I went to a graduation party with my mom and had a blast! I had so much fun at the BBQ and talking with everyone. The hosts have a wonderful house that I wished I could have afforded to buy, but, no. We had so much fun that night even though it was kind of chilly sitting outside.

Sunday: Relaxed all day with the dogs outside. It was so nice. I sat on the back deck and watched the birds (more on this in another post). Then, in the evening, we went to another graduation party for a friend of ours and had a blast there too! It was a lot of fun at yet another BBQ and lots of laughter. It was a great evening. I got home with enough time to relax and enjoy "quiet time" with the dogs.

More posts coming!

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