Friday, May 15, 2009

So Inappropriate!

This weather in the Midwest is crazy lately. We had storms (serious, shake my floor storms), then beautiful sunny days. Now, they are calling for a strong line of storms to come through again today, but nothing has happened yet. Geez.

There is a person at work who is handling Bridezilla behind my back. You remember her don't you? It really pissed me off. I only happened to have seen an email when I sat at the computer. What The F*CK?!? No one was going to tell me about this?

Anyway, I am really happy now that I have gotten everything taken care of for the week and I can focus on the side projects I have piling up. I have to write bylaws, call about rewards points, and organize some binders on my desk. It should be a good afternoon. Want to know something cool? I have a girl (who has been the contact for a couple of events this past year) who wants to be my intern! Can you believe it? I think that is so cool! I would love to have her, I just need to convince my boss that we need to pay her, because she could make my days a lot easier when we are super busy. I just thought it was sweet that she asked me. Aww...

Okay, I am off to start my projects now. Happy Friday!

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Mrs. S. said...

I have had about enough of this weather. Seriously.