Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Me + Bike + Hills + Gravel

Equals one bad combination.
I was spending time with my dad last night. He decided we needed to go on a bike ride. Now, I LOVE riding my bike. I really do. I have had my bike for over 12 years and I love it. Bike riding is one of my favorite things. However, Dad decided we needed to go on a 5 MILE BIKE RIDE! With no preparation. On gravel roads. With hills. Big ones. On blacktop roads too. With no water. Even with my wonderful gel seat I bought last year, my butt is so sore. And my legs were screaming at me last night trying to get up the hills. Oh, and to make it all better, I had a serious case of heartburn right before and during the ride, as I was starving since I hadn't eaten since 1 pm and we went on the ride at 6 pm. We did the whole thing in about an hour and it was fun, but next time, we go on the trail.

Okay, on to The Biggest Loser last night. WOW! I was so happy and proud of Ron that I cried when he finished the marathon (I am NOT a crier, by the way). I felt bad that Mike couldn't run it, but still, he finished it. AND, Tara is in the finals! Go Tara! I love her! It was so great to see all the past contestants. I loved that! It is sad that the finale is next week. :( By the way, I reached my 2 pound goal (just barely). Now, all I have to do is lose more instead of gaining it back (which seems to be the pattern lately).
The weather here is beautiful and I am so happy! I have a lot to do, but it is a good day. I am by myself in my little part of the office with the door open to let in the fresh air.

Happy Wednesday!

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Mrs. S. said...

The Biggest Loser was so good! I, too, am going to be sad when it is over. Maybe it will be a quick turnover like this season was where it started 2 weeks after the old one. Tara definitely deserves the win...or Mike. I am pulling for one of them.