Friday, May 22, 2009

Bridezilla is in the room now decorating. (32 hours before her wedding, I might add) She seems to be in a good mood this morning. Too bad I wasn't. I spent a full hour setting that entire room (for 116 people) all. by. myself. I was so sweaty and hot because it is so humid here today. I was very upset when I came into the room today and saw that it wasn't set like it was supposed to be. You can read all about her here.

This morning I was woken up twice by the dogs barking from my bed. It didn't make me happy this morning. I was trying to get ready and leave as early as I could and forgot to put a cami on under my shirt. It wasn't too bad until I noticed that it gaps and tries to come unbuttoned when I move too much. Thank goodness Lolita is picking up a cami for me. She is so sweet!

Remember these shoes? My momma bought them for me and I am wearing them today. I must say, they are HOT with my black pencil skirt!

Today is the first day of the Gemini Zodiac according to my Happy Bunny calendar. Any of you Gemini's? My mom and BB is. BB's birthday is tomorrow, my mom's is next Friday.

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Mrs. S. said...

Cute shoes! I hope today gets better!