Monday, May 18, 2009

Bird Watching

Recently, my dad and I built a birdhouse and ever since then, I have become obsessed with wondering if birds have moved in yet. Well, there are birds living there now! Yay!

There is one house that was store-bought and a family of bluebirds live there. It was fun to watch them because the daddy bird would go get the worm, then meet momma bird on the fence and give her the worm. She would eat the worm on the fence, and then fly up to the house and feed the babies. She would also go in and sit on the nest and stick her head out of the hole and watch me.

The homemade house has a family of what could either be a warbler, sparrow, or wren. I haven't figured it out yet, but they are fun to watch too! They kept perching on top of the house and going in and out.

It was cool to watch the birds communicate with each other. Then, when they noticed I had binoculars, they gave me funny looks. It was so hilarious! They kept staring at me and cocking their heads from side to side. I had so much fun sitting there!

I swear, I am an old soul.

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