Wednesday, May 27, 2009

11 Hours on a Sunday

I worked 11 hours on Sunday (a holiday Sunday in fact). I was so tired when I got home that night at 11:00 pm that I was too lazy to open the wine bottle, so I opted for the Smirnoff Ice bottle in the fridge.

It felt good to get home after dealing with that crazy wedding. The one that gave me the 42 page book. Everything went really well until they came up to dinner late and then people got greedy at the buffet and took too much food so two tables didn't get any vegetables. And 3 different people had to come to me in the kitchen (I was cutting the cake) to tell me about it. The chef was able to make some more, but by that time, no one was interested. It was a very crazy day.

My legs and feet hurt so bad because I had knots up and down my calves from standing that long and going up and down stairs all day. *SIGH* I am so glad it is over.

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