Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phone Calls

I just returned 15 phone calls. I am wearing earrings with a hard backing, so my fingers are cramped, my neck is sore, my ear is hot, and the back of my ear is tender from the earring. Whew...

My personal favorite phone call earlier went like this:

Man answers phone: "Hi, this is..., how are you?"
Me: "I'm great. I heard you had some questions for me."
Man: "Yeah, but this isn't a real good time for me to talk. Can I call you in an hour?"
Me: "Yeah" (to self: Why did you answer your phone if you can't talk?)

By the way, the phone rang right after I finished the dialoge above and it was the man I mentioned.

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Mrs. S. said...

Nice...gotta love men.