Monday, January 5, 2009

I've Got to Clear My Head

Today's coffee tastes like crap. I don't know why either because it was made the same way as usual.
It's getting close to lunch time and I am starving, since BB (Big Boss) is gone still, I might leave and go get lunch and bring it back to the office.

There is a stupid thin green line that runs up and down through my computer screen that is driving me insane. I can usually get it to go away, but it hasn't yet. ARG!!

Note to self: Don't eat Hot Tamales for breakfast.

It's f-ing cold outside today and in the office. My fingers are going numb.

My phone has been ringing non stop and it's kind of annoying. I can'f focus on anything because I keep answering the phone.

I really need to start planning the fundraiser for next month.

The meeting I scheduled for my staff this week will have to be rescheduled because two guys will be gone. Dammit!

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