Thursday, January 22, 2009

First, thank you so much everyone for participating in my poll. You all have voted for me to do a monthly giveaway here at Life With Attitude! I am so excited! I love buying gifts! Keep in mind that these will be small, but totally worth it. The giveaways will be at the end of each month and I will give you information on how to enter when the time comes.

Second, let me tell you just why I feel AWESOME this morning. I booked 8 events yesterday! How many, 8. Yes, 8! Not bad for only being in the office for 4 hours yesterday afternoon. So cool, the contracts go out today.

Third, now, remember my post about my computer yesterday? Well, I am going to be doing research to find a good deal today. With Circuit City going out of business, maybe I can get a really good laptop for a really good price. Wish me luck!

Finally, thank you for following my blog. I love to read everyone's blog too!


Jaded Jill said...

good luck finding a new computer! I could use one too - but thats not in the budget!

The Pink Tutu said...

Hi, I have chosen the letter "R" for you. Have fun!