Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Answers and a Giveaway Winner!

Today is a very important day. There is so much going on. We all know what is going on in DC right now, so I will skip over that. According to my Happy Bunny calendar, January 20th is the beginning of the Aquarius zodiac. Aquarius is the Water Carrier. Just so you know. And, today is also the day I announce the winner of my 50th Post Giveaway!
I logged on the Blogger this morning to discover that my profile picture had been deleted. Huh. That's odd. So, I added a new one. If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love Barbie! Just as Mrs. P. Okay, you can't really ask her, but she hated me growing up sometimes because I always wanted to play with Barbies while she always wanted to play Monopoly. Anyway, this picture also depicts how I feel this week. I am craving junk food.
I want to welcome some newcomers to Life With Attitude. Hi There! When I added the "Followers" gadget, I didn't think I would actually get followers. Thanks guys! I love you!
I have gotten a few questions lately that I thought I would answer for you, so here they are.
Medicated and Motivated asked if I have a Hobby Lobby nearby when I posted about how much I love Michael's. The answer is yes, there is a Hobby Lobby where I live and I love that store too. If I am looking for decor items, that is where I go. When I want to make something crafty, Michael's is where I go. Sometimes though, Hobby Lobby is a little expensive for my budget.
Brenda asked me if I am a wedding planner. The answer is, kind of. I am the event coordinator where I work, so I handle all of the private events. I don't actually coordinated the whole wedding, I just sell the space and set up the details as a vendor. However, one of my dreams is to be a professional wedding coordinator with my own "one-stop shop" business. A friend of mine from college just started her own and it has inspired me to start doing something to follow this dream of mine. (But, please, don't confuse this one with this dream. I want to do it all and I might explain that one a little bit more later.)
Now, the part you have all been waiting for. I enlisted the help of a coworker to make the draw. Thanks goes out to her! Who's feeling lucky?

The winner is.........

AG from Lipgloss Lounge! (insert excited squeal here) Congratulations! Her blog is so cool! AG, there is an email address there on the left side of the screen for you to send me your address so I can mail you the great gift! Thank you all for entering and for your comments. You truly make my day!

Okay, now I am going to get ready to start training a new staff member.


Medicated and Motivated said...

I agree with you about Hobby Lobby being more expensive, but I cross stitch, and they have a better selection of cross stitch materials. Also if you'll go to www.hobbylobby.com and click on "Weekly Specials", they have a 40% coupon that you can print and use at the store, and they always have that coupon on their website every week.

AG said...

Oh how fun! Thank you so much! I just emailed you with my address.

And p.s. I love shopping at Michael's too. We don't have one here but everytime I go to another place, I always want to stop there.

Have a great day!