Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Back to Work I Go!

Aw man! I have been off for the last 4 days! I never set my alarm clock and it was really difficult to get up this morning to get back to work.

First, let's take care of some business: Merry Christmas! I know it is a few days late, but there is something wrong with my wireless router at home and I was too lazy to get on the main computer at home to blog all weekend. There, I said it, I was lazy. I am glad to see that everyone had a great holiday. I did too and am a little sad the holiday is over. Want to know just how much it sucks to be back at work? My wrists hurt already from typing this post. I have had 6 phone calls already for weddings and mom's weekends too. I am expecting to get a lot of wedding inquiries this month due to Christmas and New Year's proposals. Just in the last 3 hours, my phone has rang more than it did during the last 2 whole weeks!

Christmas was wonderful! I got to spend time with the family and friends, got amazing gifts, cuddled and played with the dogs, baked cookies, and event got to rest a little. My cough is not as bad as it used to be, but my nose is still stuffed up. I am getting better though and really excited about that. I have never been sick this long before and it is making me mad.

I went shopping yesterday with Mrs. P and my mom and got some really cool things on sale. Mom and I went the day after Christmas, but the sales were the same as they had been for the past week. Sunday's sales were definitely better.

As much as I love the holidays and decorating for Christmas, it was nice to get the house back to normal on Saturday. I hate leaving Christmas decorations up at the new year so took them all down on Saturday. That took me 5 hours! Really, it did. Then, I cleaned the house. It's all better now and I am ready to start the new year off right.

My usual resolution is to lose weight, go figure. But this year, my resolutions are to stick with a workout routine, remove credit card debt, to go to seminar this year as a Team Leader in Mary Kay, and to find a house. I am working really hard to accomplish all of these. The budget is working out pretty well and I am determine to stick to it.

My hands and fingers are so cramped and tired that I can barely type right now. My head is killing me and I really need to lay down. However, I have a shit load of stuff to do this week at work. Here is a list of things I have to accomplish by Friday:

Rewrite a staff exam
Rewrite a section of 6 different staff levels
Finish stuffing bridal packets
Pack everything for the bridal show on Sunday
Rewrite the staff training manual
Print, copy, and bind 8 copies of the training manual
Schedule 3 meetings for this week
Meet with a bride in the morning
Follow up on all of the inquiries today
Start planning a fundraiser for February

Yep, pretty busy today and I don't feel very well right now. As I have been typing this post, I have gotten a sick feeling in my stomach and my headache has gotten worse. Aw man!

Anyway, back to regular posting tomorrow.

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AG said...

I'm tired just looking at your list.

I used to work as a Mary Kay Consultant (I was not very good) but I really love that business. I love the products.

Good luck with getting motivated!