Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Copy Cat

OK, so this post is a combination of ideas I got from Mrs. S at From The Desk of Mrs. S and AG from Lipgloss Lounge. Check out their blogs, I love reading them and you probably will too!

From AG: She started a tradition that involved writing a letter to herself at the New Year about what she wanted for the new year and sealed it until the following New Year's Day. Did that make sense? I did something similar a few years ago by making a list of things I wanted to accomplish before a certain age (if you know me, I have a plan for everything in my life). This age was the age I decided would be the time I would start to look to settle down. Well, I am a year and a half from this age and I haven't accomplished anything on my list. There were 8 things on this list (mainly places I wanted to visit and things I wanted to do) and I am very disappointed in myself for not accomplishing any of these goals yet. It started out as a chance to prove my dad wrong (he said I would never do anything like that) and I haven't gotten far.

So, I thought I would take an idea from AG and write myself a letter explaining to myself the things I want for 2009 and see what happens. It should be fun. I will write my goals and expectations and see how it goes.

From Mrs. S: I loved reading about her year in review. She mentioned her wedding reception and I remember that night so well. See, I know Mrs. S IRL and was there and was so happy for her and her husband. They are truly meant for each other.

So, I thought, since I have been spending a lot of time reflecting back on my life this past year, I thought I would put my year in review. Here goes:

January: We added Annie to our family
February: I became a career woman with my first real "job"
March: The last of my weekends off for a while
April: I was in a fashion show for my alumni association
May: Whirlwind of events at work, and my excellent 3 month review
June: My first Relay for Life as our team captain (very successful, by the way)
July: Almost auditioned for America's Next Top Model (I'm too short and chubby for that, but I had a free pass), also Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas where I set some HUGE goals for myself
August: The birth of my blog (I still can't believe I started one)
September: Experienced a nervous system overload at work
October: The WORST month ever. Period.
November: Thanksgiving was my first vacation all year
December: Realized I spend way too much time working and have no social life at all

Wow, it seems that everything from April until November revolved around work. Oh wait, it did. I worked way too much and need to spend some more time on myself in 2009. I hope I can make that happen. With all of this in mind, I am going to spend some time tonight reflecting more on 2008 and tomorrow I will prepare myself for 2009.


Mrs. S. said...

Aw, what a sweet shoutout on your blog! So we need to go to lunch finally. Seriously, this time. Let's pick a day and make it happen. Either Saturdays or Sundays are good for me. It could even be coffee and something downtown like at Kaldi's. Yum! Let's make it happen!

AG said...

I'm flattered to be mentioned in your blog!

Good luck with your letter writing...I'm about to do mine tonight.

Happy New Year!