Monday, November 10, 2008

Who Taught You How to Drive?

Crazy experience driving home today. As usual, there was bumper to bumper traffic on my exit off the interstate. I am inching forward in my lane (closest to the interstate) when along comes some broad who nearly side swipes my car on the driver's side! I am trying to move forward inch by inch and she keeps inching closer to my car. Seriously, if I had reached out the window, I could tap on her car. She was that close to me. She kept trying to get in front of me and I said, "Hell No!" After nearly hitting my car, do you think I would actually let you in front of me? I'm not that nice, you can wait and get behind me.

Seriously. Why do people like this have driver's licenses? To make it all even better, she had a friend in the passenger seat and a child in the back seat! Come on now, learn how to freaking drive!


Mrs. S. said...

Yuck...traffic here sucks. I agree!

deannascraps said...

I really, really understand about stupid drivers! The theme for the week with me is 'stupid men in trucks' with a sub-category of 'cell phones'
Hope your week is going great! Stop by my blog and say Hello if you'd like!