Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Recap....

Friday:  I'm helping my friend with her PhD study and part of it is to wear a FitBit.  I decided I want to try and create a little competition with myself and a member of my group.  I am less than 1800 steps away from catching up to her.  She's a lot more active than me, so this makes me get up and move more.  As a result, while watching Full House on Friday night, I marched in place, circled the basement, did squats, and calf raises.  I didn't do anything that would cause me to sweat, but I kept moving because at that time, I was about 6000 steps away from her. 

Saturday:  I worked in the afternoon, so in the morning, I enjoyed waffles for breakfast and read my book.  While at work, I circled the store multiple times and danced around so much that my boss was getting a little annoyed.  It was funny though.  When I got home, I continued reading for a while and relaxed the whole night.

Sunday:  I cleaned house for a friend of ours in the morning.  It took four hours and by the time I got home, I was tired.  I pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day except read and watch Full House.  I ended up finishing my book that I just started.  I waited an entire year to read this book and get some answers and it left me with a giant cliffhanger!  Now, I have to wait another year before the next book comes out.  Not cool, Jo!  Not cool.  I managed to get my planner decorated for March also.  My new stickers came in on March 1.

It may not sound exciting, but then again, I don't lead a very exciting life.  :)  My weekend was filled with things I like so I'm not complaining too much.  

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Things are not going according to my plans.  That "something big" I mentioned in last week's post, didn't happen like I had hoped.  :(

2.  My treasures from the flea market over the weekend.  Vintage gingerbread man cookie cutter, vintage pie plate, linen cocktail and dinner napkins with holly that match my Christmas dishes, and the best ever:  vintage Pyrex mixing bowls.  These are from the 40s and this is a complete set in really good condition.  I have coveted these bowls for years!

3.  I am a huge fan of vintage Pyrex.  I will one day have a great buffet or hutch to display a collection I know I will have.

4.  Have you ever been so busy that you don't know which project to work on first because they are all due at the same time?

5.  Those March planner stickers I ordered two weeks ago have finally shipped.  I'm certain they will not arrive by tomorrow night.  Grr....

6.  I think I need a personal assistant for the next couple of weeks.

7.  I received another book in the mail today.  I now have two books waiting to be read.

8.  Reading so many awesome books has distracted me from working on that crochet blanket...

9.  I've decided to turn my music station over to the "orchestra" station so I can focus instead of singing along to show tunes.

10.  This post wasn't very interesting.  Sorry about that.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  After a long, tiring week at work, my parents and I went out to dinner.  We had some really good BBQ and were home by 6 pm.  It was nice.  I mention the time because I was ready for bed by 8 pm.  I stayed up later than that, but I was really tired that night.  Since I'm waiting for Season 4 of Fuller House, I've been watching Full House on Hulu which is just so great!

Saturday:  I worked in the morning.  We were really slow until noon and then everyone seem to have had the same idea.  There were so many people in the store but few actually purchased anything.  After work I ran some errands and then rested for a little bit until it was time for me to get ready to go to dinner with a friend.  That was another good night.

Sunday:  Time to sleep in!!  I had the day off, which was wonderful.  The whole morning was spent watching HGTV and drinking coffee.  That was nice.  My mom and I ended up going to a local flea market just for fun and I came home with some amazing treasures!  I will share them in tomorrow's post.  I am so excited about them.  For dinner, I tried a new recipe.  I didn't take any pictures, but it turned out pretty good.  Southwestern Pork Chops.  Definitely easy to make and I would add it to my recipe rotation.  I tried to find a link to the recipe, but I can't.  It came from this cookbook though.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I just finished a 5 book series that I never would have read if it hadn't been recommended to me.  It's pretty cool, check out The Dark is Rising Sequence.

2.  Haha!  This is so true.  I currently have 2 projects in process and one I want to start.

3.  I placed an order for March theme planner stickers on 2/13.  After checking my order status, they aren't scheduled to ship until 2/27.  1) WTH?  2) They better be shipped overnight.  Those stickers are specific for March.

4.  Since this little blog of mine is getting a makeover this year, I've been thinking about also renaming it.  Not sure what though.

5. Something big is happening tomorrow!!!

6.  I've been making a conscious effort to eat more fruits and vegetables because I know I don't eat enough.  It would be nice if I didn't receive negative comments when I choose to eat a vegetarian dish every now and then.

7. This year, I will no longer be in my "early thirties".  Yikes!

8.  Yep

9.  A rainy day is the perfect day for a really good book and a really good nap.  Today is one of those days.  Where am I?  At work.

10.  A nap really sounds great right now too.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  Is it bad that I cannot remember what I did on Friday after I got home from work?  Usually Friday nights are my nights to decompress, so I probably did a whole lot of nothing.  I do know that one of the books I ordered came in the mail.  This is always happy mail.  I love getting books. I did not start reading it though until Saturday.

Saturday:  The weekend around Valentine's is always Tax Day.  Me, my parents, and my grandma all get our taxes done on the same day.  We travel together and have our individual appointments.  Being the youngest, I am always the last appointment, which was at 10:30.  While waiting is when I started reading.  However, I was only able to read a chapter because our accountant is so experienced and efficient that we were done with all three appointments, had made appointments for next year, and were back on the road home before the end of the first appointment time.  Totally awesome!  Since I didn't have to work, I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  When I say "relaxing", I mean I binge-watched Netflix and totally pigged out.  It was awesome!

Sunday:  Somehow I scored another day off work, so Sunday morning was spent cleaning the house.  It always feels really nice to have a freshly cleaned house. I read some more and then spent Sunday doing exactly what I did the day before.  Days like that don't happen very often and I took every advantage of it.  I did manage to get some work for my business done as well.

 And that was my weekend.  Probably not very exciting, but a really awesome weekend for me.