Thursday, August 17, 2017

Random Thursday

Completely random thoughts for today.

Last week, I took a road trip to Michigan for a friend's wedding.  The trip was fun, the wedding a blast, Michigan is beautiful, and I loved the little beach town.  I was also impressed with how well I learned to navigate the city in such a short time.

If you haven't heard, there is a solar eclipse on Monday.  My town falls in the path of total darkness and I will be at work during this time.  Although, what would the day be like if the calculations were incorrect and the eclipse didn't happen?

I am having a garage sale tomorrow.  I took the whole day off to have a garage sale because, historically, I've had better success on Fridays.  Since moving back home, I have a lot of stuff I decided to get rid of in addition to the items my family has collected over the last couple years.  Even if they are a lot of work, I enjoy doing garage sales.  Plus, it gives me time to read my book!

Recently, I've been playing my orchestra/instrumental/film score music on my Pandora at work and it makes me daydream about having my own home library with dark woods, tall book cases, big windows, comfy chairs, fireplace, etc.,. all decorated with pieces inspired by some of my favorite stories.  Harry Potter, LOTR, Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia...

I wore semi-fitted yoga pants to work today but shh...I don't think you can tell.  ;)  Even if you could, who cares?  People in my office get by with wearing those awful LuLaRoe dresses that look like sloppy nightgowns with brightly colored or licensed character leggings.  At least I wore a nice shirt and jewelry.

Allergies have been so bad this week.  Anyone else notice too?  Even our dog, Annie, is having trouble.

My part-time job scheduled me for a shift when I am out of town.  The availability calendar specifically showed that I was not available.  Now, I have to find someone who can take my shift that day.  Speaking of the part-time job, I am doing a demonstration this weekend about how to decorate your dining table for a fall gathering.  This makes my very happy!

I'm ready to have a movie marathon.  Watch all the movies!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I need a private retreat for about 5 days with two days to recover.  Just sayin...

2.  A friend is getting married this weekend and I am excited to attend the Michigan!  I've never been there before.

3.  So, I bought more planner stickers this week.  The collection is growing.  At least my planner is pretty though.  :)

4.  When I moved recently, there was literally a tote labeled "Yarn and Projects".

5. This describes my dog almost every night.

6.  How do you politely tell someone you work for to, "PLEASE STOP CHEWING YOUR FUCKING GUM WHILE TALKING TO ME!!  YOU SOUND LIKE A COW!!    (I have this problem with at least two people I work for.)  If you are confused, please read this:

7.  I've decided I don't like to wear pants with buttons or zippers.  I think I will change my entire wardrobe to include only pants with stretchy waistbands.  :)

8.  Now that my birthday is over, I can't help but think about fall.

9.  This day has not been productive.

10.  I'm not even sad about that either.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  After a very long and hardworking week, I came home to do nothing but relax and look forward to Saturday.  It was awesome too!  By the time I was home and ready to relax, I was so exhausted, that I ended up eating dinner in my bed while watching Friends.  I didn't venture very far from that spot either.

Saturday:  I didn't have to work that day!!  It was so nice to sleep in and have a very leisurely morning.  I didn't get dressed for the day until I had to go in for my hair appointment at 2 pm.  I was very close to cancelling, but decided to go because my hair needed some attention.  It was a good thing I went too because not only does my hair look good again, but I made a new customer contact!  I also got some good reading done.  After the hair appointment, I went to a friends house to celebrate her 70th birthday!  It was so great to see familiar people, meet new people, and celebrate and awesome woman.  I didn't stay late though and was home by 7 pm.  I ended up organizing some that night and actually managed to clear a path in the basement where there hasn't been one since I moved two weeks ago!

Sunday:  I worked in the morning/afternoon and we had a very busy day.  There was a 30 minute time span where me and another associate didn't leave the registers at all!  We were so busy that day, I came home completely exhausted and started to fall asleep on the couch while trying to watch Family Guy at 4 pm.  It was a good day though.  I didn't do much the rest of the day and ended up going to bed around 9:15 pm.  I'm not ashamed of that either.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  OK, so it's Wednesday.  Not Tuesday.

2.  This introvert desperately needs some down time/solitude.  I was so excited to have Saturday off of work, then I realized I had scheduled a much needed hair appointment and a friend of mine is celebrating her 70th Birthday!  Can't really miss that.

3.  I just got a new book in the mail and another one is coming today!  There will be a third book coming next week.  I am so excited!

4.  Speaking of books, I have a longer commute to/from work now, so I am hoping to get through many audio books during that time.  I just started one, so we will see the progress.

5.  I have been completely moved now for a full week and a lot of my stuff is still in piles in the basement.  Something interesting about this stuff is that most of it seems to have come from my kitchen.  :) 

6.  Plus, I've lost my collection of sunglasses.

7.  So, there's this big project I'm supposed to be working on at work.  It's been a week and I haven't made any progress.  Need to find motivation.

8.  I've recently started using sea salt spray in my hair and it's totally awesome!  Big effect...little effort.

9.  Anyone else need a nap?

10.  Have you ever been cut by a hanging file?  It stings, just so you know.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Recap...

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun or exciting?  Did you spend the weekend relaxing?

Friday:  After a long week, I tried to clean/organize the basement.  This required a lot of climbing, squatting, lifting, etc.  After I unloaded on shelving unit and moved some folding chairs, I was done.  I needed help with this project and Friday night was not a good time for it.  So instead, I got myself a drink and did nothing for the rest of the night.

Saturday:  I worked in the morning/afternoon, then picked up a wedding gift for a couple that is getting married next week!  I am excited about this trip too.  When I got home, I cleaned up a little bit and cooked dinner.  Then, Mrs. P came over to hang out and celebrate my birthday and we had such a blast talking and watching The Phantom of the Opera.  No one can quite fan girl like we can.  :)

Sunday:  I worked in the morning/afternoon again and when I came home, I was feeling a tiny bit more energetic and with some help from my mom, we managed to make some progress on the basement.  It's kind of hard to tell, but a lot was done and I have hopes I will be able to finish it by this Friday. 

My weekends haven't been very exciting recently, but this is part of life.