Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Can you believe I had 4 posts last week?  That's exciting.

2.  People at work are driving me insane.  Even more so than usual.  Does screaming out in frustration burn calories?

3.  Exactly 2 weeks from today is a very big event.  I'm worried its going to be a clusterfuck.  I say this because the event coordinator I'm working with doesn't seem to know what she's doing.

4.  So, I haven't picked up my crochet projects in a couple months.  I have two that I'm working on and I haven't made any progress on either.  Maybe I should do that.

5.  It's cold outside and I'm tired.  Can I go back to bed?  No, because it's the busy season.

6.  I really want to create a cool library in my home with a comfortable reading space.

7.  Does anyone else get excited to track a package online?  Or is that just me?

8.  I  saw this and thought it was cute.  Then, I noticed the grammar mistake.  And finally, I would like to point out that neither person in this picture is sweatpants.

9.  I don't care that this isn't getting posted until Wednesday.

10.  Word:

Friday, March 10, 2017

A New Supply Collection

I like office supplies.  It's not a secret.  You may recall this post about my collection of notebooks.  Or this post about my pen hoarding.  I can tell you that the collections have changed a little bit, but I still have tons of pens and notebooks.  And I will keep buying them because I love them. 

But, I'm going to share with you another obsession.  Pencils.  This has become a new love of mine and I'm not entirely sure where it came from.  Sometime last year, I switched to using a pencil for my planner because I was getting tired of scratching things out or using white out when plans changed.  With a pencil, I can easily erase and rewrite. 

Here's my current collection of pencils.  If you were to count, there are over 34 pencils there.  Plus, I have one in my car, two in my desk at work, two in my toolbox, one in my MK bag, and one with my planner that I carry with me.  I also use one for my to-do list I keep at home.

But the pencil love doesn't stop there.  To go with those pencils, I also have eraser caps.  Remember getting these in school because the eraser always wore out before the pencil?  That hasn't changed.

You may be thinking that carrying pencils can become a pain because they go dull.  Well, in addition to my electric pencil sharpener I keep on my desk at home, I have three small pocket sized sharpeners strategically placed.  Don't worry, keeping a sharpened pencil is not a problem.  :)

I also have 4 mechanical pencils, but I'm not really sure why I keep these because I don't use them.  I used to love these in school.  Not so much now. 

Did you know that you can get a package of really cool looking pencils from the Dollar Tree for $1?  That's where the green and pink ones came from.  Every time I go into that store, I have to purposely steer myself away from that aisle and make a conscious effort not to buy anymore.  It doesn't help either that for every season and holiday, new styles come out.

I know I'm not the only one who has collections like this.  However, I'm not sure many other people would share about it for all the world to see.  :)  If you are like me and love office supplies and want to go shopping, give me a call and we can both get giddy and excited together at the office supply store, or the school supply aisle.   I promise I won't judge you.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kitchen Adventures: Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet

Recently, I tried another recipe that uses ground turkey.  I am trying to make healthy changes to the meals I cook, so I thought this Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet meal sounded amazing.  It's been sitting on my Pinterest board for a very long time.  I actually can't really remember when I put it here.  Bonus:  it's a one-pan meal.  Score!

Assemble the ingredients.  Imagining all the flavors together for this meal, I thought it would be a good idea to add black beans to the recipe.  The original does not call for these. 

Cook the turkey.  While the turkey is cooking, I peeled and chopped the sweet potatoes and yellow pepper.  I had three large sweet potatoes and used them all.  I probably would have been fine with just 2 though.  Peeling and chopping these after recently slicing my finger was an experience, let me tell you.

Next, add the yellow pepper and sweet potatoes.  Let that cook for a while.  I don't have a cast iron skillet, so I placed the lid on mine to help cook the potatoes faster.  I also added the black beans.

Cheese!  Add in the cheese and get it all nice and melted.  This didn't take long.  At this point, you would put the cast iron skillet in the oven for a while. I just placed the lid back on my pan.  It took about 3 minutes for the cheese to melt. 

Top with parsley and serve!

I don't have the exact figures available but I know this meal cost less than $10 for the ingredients.  Also, I could get about 4 servings from this recipe, so that's a pretty good deal.  After enjoying the flavorful meal, I noticed that ground turkey does not settle well in my stomach.  I'm not sure why either.  I've tried other recipes with ground turkey and have had the same experience.  Maybe I can substitute chicken next time?  Either way, this meal was delicious!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ten on Tuesday: Wednesday Edition

1.  Is it really Wednesday?

2.  I really love Bruno Mars' new song.  It makes me smile and dance, which is always a good thing.

3.  Speaking along the lines of music, Ariana Grande has some great songs.  However, that girl needs to learn to enunciate.  I swear half of her songs are mumbled.

4.  I am currently writing two other posts in addition to this one.  I think they should be published this week.

5.  You may not know this, but I have long, thick hair, and a lot of it.  Although, I usually put it up for work, every day.  This gets old.  Plus I know I can do a lot with it if I just took the time to do it.  But here's the thing, I never allow myself enough time in the morning to fix my hair.  I also don't have a lot of patience.  And my arms get tired.

6.  Seriously.  My arms get tired when I try to do my hair.  So much so, that I've strongly considered buying this.  I can remember a time when I laughed at this product.  Now, I want it.

7.  Do you have an arrogant boss?  I do.  Good thing I have experience working with chefs and their egos.  Sometimes though, it's like talking to a brick wall.  On a moving track like those shooting games at carnivals.

8.  I've taken up a 21 Day Challenge for my MK business.  So far, I'm on Day 3.  It's been called a "Revolution", so we'll see what happens.

9.  Mrs. P and I are doing this challenge together.  Want to join us?  We're on Day 8, so you've got to catch up.

10.  Know what's fun?  Listening to an audiobook, reading one book, and going to the library to pick up two more books!  :)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Every weekend should be a three day weekend.  I know that this past one wasn't, but it should have been.  They should all be.  No matter what.

Let me break down this past weekend in short points:

I slept in and woke up every day more refreshed.

Took Melody to the dog park and she actually played!!  With the tennis ball AND other dogs!  So proud.

Watched a lot of movies.

Finished another book for my challenge.  Just need to get caught up now.

Made Pineapple Fried Rice for dinner.

I hung my shadow boxes with my play mementos.

And the most important thing.  After over 2.5 years (maybe longer?), I finally, finally, cleaned out and organized my filing cabinet!!  This thing was so awful.  I can't believe I actually moved apartments with it in the condition it was in.  Awful.  I found statements from 2008.  That's how bad it was.

An awesome weekend! How was yours?