Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  After work on Friday, I went to replace my phone.  There was no since in only fixing the broken screen when the phone was almost 3 years old.  I got a new phone, and now I am waiting for  new case to arrive.  It always makes me nervous to not have some sort of case or cover on a new phone.  That night,  I spent time reading and crocheting.  It was a very pleasant evening.

Saturday:  A leisurely breakfast and three cups of coffee with my book is how the day started.  I went shopping in the afternoon to get a new purse, supplies for a new wreath, and some dog food.  And that is exactly what I came home with...along with some fun socks.  :) 

Sunday:  My mom and I went to our favorite flea market and found some great pieces to turn into a Halloween village.  I also got pieces for my new Christmas tree theme and some holly napkins.  Sometimes I really love going to the flea market.  I now have 7 projects to work on as a multi-crafter.  This does not include refinishing some furniture pieces.  :)  It's going to a busy month or so. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I just returned from a 10 day vacation to the beach!  Of course, 4 days were spent driving and because of rain, we only had 3 good days on the beach.  But, I don't care.  I needed that trip.

2.  I've accomplished my reading goal for the year!!  And the books keep coming.

3.  I've got a new idea for another Christmas tree theme.  I can't wait to put it together.

4.  My niece's birthday is next month and I have already gotten her birthday gift.  Now, I just need to wrap it up really cute.

5.  Between my work with a mouse and keyboard during the day and my crochet project in the evening, my wrist now has sharp pains that cause the need to wear a brace.  It sucks. 

6.  Last night, after I had finally gotten to sleep after a couple hours of tossing and turning, I don't know which woke me up first, the wicked thunderstorm or the severe pain in my wrist/arm.

7.  For the first time in over 10 years of having a smart phone, I broke the screen on my phone.  It happened while on vacation too.  :(

8. How are we already into August?  This year has flown by!

9.  "Back to School" means spiral notebooks go on a deep sale.  Guess who needs to restock her stash?

10.  I really need to get serious about my Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's Tuesday again.

2.  This past weekend included the following:  reading, crocheting, The Sandlot, Grease, my inflatable pool, celebrating a friend, some chores, birthday lunch with Grandma, and sleep.

3.  My to-read list is getting longer.  I was thinking the other day and the list includes the one I'm currently reading, the next book in the series, a book I got from the library (that is the first of a series), two in the mail that I ordered, an audio book I just started in the car, plus 4 that are still sitting on my Nook that I haven't read.

4.  Do you ever wake up with a terrible headache that WILL NOT GO AWAY?!

5.  For some reason, I have been extremely tired these past few days.  Is it lack of sleep?  Boredom?

6.  I had to get my drivers license renewed and I requested that the attendant make sure my picture was good because my license picture was actually a good picture and I wanted to continue that trend.  :)

7.  I'm currently struggling with a tough decision.  Maybe that's why I'm tired.

8.  Where can a girl get some good dresses for reasonable prices?  Any suggestions?

9.  I cannot wait to see Mamma Mia 2 this weekend!!

10.  Aaannnddd, it's Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Last week, I made a goal to add 20 rows to my crochet blanket.  I added 30!  That makes me happy.  According to my countdown, I have 82 days left to finish.

2.  The temperatures are back into the upper 90s this week and the heat index has returned.  :(  We are now under a heat advisory for the rest of this week.

3.  Of the 13 women I invited to give their opinion on MK products, 1 said yes, 1 said no, and the rest didn't respond.

4.  Only 4 books to go for the reading challenge!  How are you doing on your reading goals?  Did you set any?

5.  I've started collecting furniture pieces.  I have no place to put them.  Yet, I've started buying pieces.

6.  What do you think of me adding videos to this blog?

7.  I know I will ask that question and no one will comment.  I haven't had many comments in a very long time.

8.   There is a very large stack of files in my office at work that I need to go through, discard unneeded pages, and scan so I can archive these files.  I enjoy the process, I'm just not motivated to get started.

9.  This...starts today.

10.  Ugh, that means I need to take before photos and measurements.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend Recap...

Usually, I breakdown the Weekend Recap by day.  However, this time, I'm going to use bullet points because that makes the most sense for this past weekend.

  • Checked on a cat I'm sitting
  • Finished reading another book
  • Worked on my crochet blanket....a lot.
  • Enjoyed some delicious hot wings
  • Shopped for some yarn for some projects that have been requested of me.  That yarn came home with me.  However, I will not start on those projects for a while still.
  • Invited 13 women to experience and give their opinion on some Mary Kay products.
  • Enjoyed a night with temperatures below 80 degrees while watching the neighbor's fireworks display.
  • Ran the battery down in my Fitbit.
  • Helped my aunt move into a new house and did a lot of heavy lifting.