Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Is it really only Tuesday?  I already feel like this week is going to drag on.

2.  The new recipe I tried turned out really good.  Good enough to add it to my repertoire.  The best part was that between the two events I took them to yesterday, they were all eaten and I didn't have to bring any home.

3.  Thank goodness for Mary Kay and the positive and supportive atmosphere.

4.  I'm going with a group to see the new Star Wars movie on Friday!!  Ask me how excited I am!!

5.  Very soon, as in tonight, I need to spend some quality time with my planner and ever growing to-do list.  I know there is a lot I need to get done that I am forgetting about.

6.  I'm really impressed with the number of books I have read this year, as well as the different types of books.  Yes, there were a bunch of old favorites of the YA variety, but there are some really good ones in there too.  I will definitely do another review this year of the top 5 and bottom 5 books of the year.

7. I want to do some holiday baking.  I have certain items I want to make as gifts and others I want to make just for fun.

8.  No matter how hard I try, I still can't seem to get my email inbox below 10 for longer than a couple hours.  It's going to happen though.  I'm going to accomplish inbox zero.  The problem is really that many of the emails in my inbox require someone else to act.  The waiting is annoying.

9.  Can I just stay home, read, and watch Christmas movies with my dog?

10.  The weather here can't decide if it wants to be 60 degrees or 30 degrees.  This makes for a very interesting week.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  I picked up bows and tissue paper for wrapping.  I did not do any wrapping though.  Maybe later this week.  My main focus was finishing my current book.  It wasn't as good as I hoped though.  A little disappointing, however, it did have relateable characters.  That helps a little.  I then made dessert to take to a family dinner.

Saturday:  A day full of parties!  My extended family Christmas dinner was during the day.  It's always a lot of really good food and good company.  My cousin was pissing me off though.  I wanted to throw marbles at him because instead of talking to the family around him that he doesn't see very often, he sat on his cell phone all throughout.  That drives me insane!  It's become a very bad habit of his.  He makes no effort when it comes to conversation with others.  Anyway, after a couple hours of rest, it was time for another party.  My grandma and I attended the annual Christmas party for the bank she retired from.  It's very nice that they invite their retirees.  This party always has delicious food and a good DJ.  I had a great time and I loved donating a stuffed teddy bear to Toys for Tots.

Sunday:  I worked during the day at my second job.  It's amazing how a 5 hour shift can wear you out.  However, I was up on my feet on concrete floors the whole time and we were busy.  A lot of people were in the store that day which helped make the day go by easier.  There was also a really cute guy that came in.  That was nice.  After work I had to run a couple errands and then I spent most of the evening baking a new appetizer for a luncheon the next day.  I hope it's good.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Trees 2017

If you've been around a while, it's no secret that I love Christmas trees.  They are my favorite Christmas decoration and I put up multiples every year.  This year, I am back at my parents' so the trees are a little different.  They are still beautiful though!  A fun fact, only my Grandma's tree and my office tree are pre-lit.  For the others, the lights were wrapped around the branches one row at a time.

Grandma's tree; 6.5 ft.; completely full of ornaments and that doesn't add up to even a quarter of the amount she has.  Gold angel topper.  Her tree skirt was quilted by her sister in law.  It's gorgeous!

My great grandma's tree from 1954 that was given to me a couple years ago; 4 ft tall, foil; stands in the home office.  Blue ornaments are newer, not original.

My office tree; 3 ft; in a new place this year as I have a new office. Silver star topper with green, red, and silver ornaments.

Gingerbread tree; 4 ft tall; Had to get a new tree since the white one broke and became discolored.  Santa hat topper.  Definitely need more gingerbread ornaments. Stands in living room by the front door.

Barbie tree; 6.5 ft; contains pink, Barbie, and other girly ornaments along with the pink and white beaded garland I made last year.  Pink star topper.  Stands in the basement.

Snowman tree; 7 ft tall; contains snowman, snowflake, and blue ornaments. White angel topper. Stands in the dining room.

Santa tree; 8 ft tall; contains Santa and red ornaments, along with the red and white beaded garland we made in 1989.  Red and gold Santa topper.  This is the main tree and stands in the sitting area between the living room and kitchen.  This particular tree is over 20 years old and still looks brand new!

The trees I did not put up this year include my nature tree, Harry Potter tree, and the entryway tree.

One of my favorite things to do is turn off all the lights (TV included) in the house and admire the Christmas trees.  It's so pretty and peaceful.  All of these trees were put up within 4-5 days.  I think.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm not done shopping yet, but I'm ready to start wrapping.

2.  I'm the kind of pet owner who considers cancelling her own hair appointment to make one for her dog.

3.  Just going to leave this here...

4.  It's time to get a new planner for 2018.  I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.  :)  This also means new stickers.

5.  I'm thinking of making some changes to this blog.  What kinds of things would you like to see?

6.  I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough".  Well, how do you overcome that fear and go for it?

7.  It seems the weather here has turned towards winter.  Yesterday, it was 65 degrees.  The high today is 49.

8.  Still need to make that last scarf....

9.  More than twice while shopping on Saturday, I stopped myself from buying something that wasn't meant for a Christmas gift.

10.  We have officially entered a decorating contest with our neighbor.  This should be fun!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  It was so nice to have a night off last week.  I had to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, plus we had a birthday party on Monday night so it was very nice to come home after work on Friday.  I opened a bottle of champagne, snuggled with Melody, and watched Christmas movies.  Plus, I finished my nephew's scarf!  Just one more to go.

Saturday:  I worked a long shift, but it was busy, which made the day go by faster.  Also, I was sent home early when the traffic slowed down.  When I got home, my dad and I decorated the front lawn for Christmas, which was awesome!  An hour later, I finally got started on the items on my to do list.  I made cookie dough and packed a baking bag for a baking night with a friend, updated my planner for the rest of the year, and mentally mapped out the shopping trip for my grandma and I for the next day.  After that, I drank more champagne and watched more Christmas movies.

Sunday:  I picked my grandma up in the morning and we spent the day shopping.  She was able to finish all of her Christmas shopping.  I made a really good dent in mine and I am almost done.  We had a good lunch and a great day to shop. The weather was in the 60s.  After I dropped her off, I spent some time with my dad and the dogs outside admiring the decorations (Mom's been sick so she was resting).  Then, it was off to my friend's house for an evening of cookie baking.  I tried a new recipe that turned out really great, although I need to work on perfecting the technique.  We had a good time and will definitely bake together again soon. 

How was your weekend?