Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I've been gone from this blog for a while.  Don't worry though.  I just got really busy for a while.

2.  I moved out of my apartment over the weekend.  More on that another time.

3.  Saturday, I went to a bachelorette party and we did a pole dancing class.  I am a very modest person and I was completely embarrassed.  However it was still fun.  Although, I learned that my arms are still weak and I am sore.

4.  July seems to have gone by super fast!  Probably because I was so busy working and packing every day.

5.  My birthday was this past Sunday!  We celebrated with a nice lunch out with my grandma, parents, cousin (his birthday was earlier this month), and my uncle. 

6.  I am exhausted.

7.  My sister and her family recently visited.  Having three kids around the house, plus two additional adults resulted in a lot of energy requirements for a very long period of time.  I still haven't fully recovered.  At least it was a good visit.

8.  Amount of motivation for work this week:  none.

9.   Does anyone know the objective of the Garfield Destination Fun Fest game on the website?  I can't figure it out.

10.  By the way, I play games when I'm bored or can't gather the mental capacity to be creative or think properly.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  After months, I finally got my car detailed and washed really well.  It's so shiny! That night, I was in the mood for an epic style movie.  So, I decided to watch Titanic.  When the movie started to get really sad though, I got up and started cleaning a little bit.

Saturday:  Work, swimsuit shopping (ugh), pedicure, errands, packing, wine.

Sunday:  Work, loading/unloading, organizing, cleaning, Chinese food, Friends.

And that sums up my weekend.  Busy, as usual.  And very exhausting.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I'm tired today and did not want to come into work.

2.  I'm completely and utterly SICK AND TIRED of hearing/using the phrase "I can't afford it".  It's fucking depressing.  From now on, I am going to make a conscious effort to use something like "It's not in the budget right now".  At least that sounds less depressing.

3.  Today's allergies are bad.  I woke up with a swollen red eye that hasn't stopped watering for the last 3 hours.

4.  At our MK event last night, I made brownies.  However, they didn't all get eaten, so I brought them into work today.  I don't like my coworkers all that much to bake for them, but I didn't want these brownies to go to waste.

5.  That last comment made me sound like a bitch.  I don't care though.

6.  It is that time of year again at work where we are at what's called "fiscal close".  It's a giant pain in the ass that requires a lot of paperwork and deadlines.

7.  I guess today just isn't a really good day for my attitude.

8.  Here's a picture of something pretty.

9.  And a picture of a cute owl.

10.  And a hot guy.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Friday:  Since it was payday, I was finally able to go to the grocery store to stock up my fridge and cabinets, as well as get snacks for something planned Saturday.  I made sure to stock up on breakfast items since I have a terrible problem/habit of buying breakfast every morning.  I also tend to purchase lunch way too often, so I got things for lunch too.  Hopefully I can stick to bringing my own breakfast/lunch for a while.  Once I got home and walked Melody, I cleaned my apartment.  It needed it for sure.

Saturday:  It was the first Saturday in a while I was able to sleep in and I loved it!  I was able to also sit on my patio in the cool, bright morning with my breakfast and coffee while reading my book.  It felt so nice.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I took Melody for a nice long walk before doing some things around the house.  That afternoon, Mrs. P. came over for our totally awesome girls/day/night/sleepover!  It was so great to spend the entire day together.  We talked, played games, watched some Friends, ate yummy food, drank wine, did facial masks, and just altogether had a great time.  We need to do things like that more often.

Sunday:  I had to work in the morning/afternoon and I was so proud of myself for taking my lunch and not stopping to get coffee and breakfast on the way to work.  It was a weird day, we had a lot of people in the store throughout the day, but hardly anyone made a purchase.  I did some special cleaning while we were slow.  That evening, I cooked myself a decent dinner and finished reading my book.  That's 19 books I've read so far this year and that makes me very happy!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I can't seem to follow where the story is going in the book I'm reading.

2.  I'm trying to sell some furniture items on FB and people keep screwing with me.  It's pissing me off.

3.  There is a girl I work with at my second job that now brings a fidget cube out of her apron every shift.  It is by far the most annoying thing on the floor.

4. Since cutting my hair to shoulder length, I have only worn my hair in a ponytail to work about 4 times.  This is a huge accomplishment since I used to put my hair up every single day.

5.  Can I take some "mental health days" and stay at home to clean, read, and crochet?  Can I make that a thing?

6.  Dear Facebook:  I seriously couldn't care less who is "live" right now.  Please stop with the notifications!  How do I turn them off?

7.  Yes.

8.  I just ate too many fruit snacks.  Now I feel kind of sick.  :(

9.  The first official day of summer is tomorrow!  How to you plan to spend the longest day of the year?

10.  Trying to find an affordable photographer for a casual photo shoot is proving difficult.